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Lucid by Proxy

LbP Official Mission:

Lucid by Proxy is committed to the development of new, original theater and new theater artists, and to raising the profile of theater (and all other) arts in the Los Angeles community. To that end, we produce unpublished, original work, primarily shows which have not had a prior professional production, and encourage other artistic pursuits in the community. Our work spans across many genres, and we have introduced a good share of new playwrights, directors and actors to the Los Angeles area.

LbP more fun "About":

In the year 2000 (the year two thousaaaaaaand...), a group of friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends' friends, came together as the producing company "Primal Elements,*" in 3 weeks produced two original one-act plays (SAP, boy meets tree by Rick Robinson & Something Persists by Valerie Rachelle) as part of the 2000 LA EdgeFest, and garnered a Backstage West "Critic's Pick" for their efforts. Since then, we've continued to develop and produce original plays -- at least one per year, with some years seeing as many as three (!) completely new works. LA Weekly calls LbP a "Young, vibrant troupe unafraid of tweaking convention" and Backstage West says LbP is "...a quality company that has been around the block and should go far."