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Soul Garden

She Was Horrid, Inc. is proud to present the first book from photographer Tris Beezley.

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About the book:

They say green is the color that most calms the mind and soothes the soul. I believe this to be true. I've also discovered that when green surrounds brilliant, bright colors, it can provoke highly contagious merriment and mirth for those of us who dare stare too long. Please proceed with wide open hearts and enter a garden world I hope will bring you abundant bliss and serenity for your soul. - Tris Beezley


About the photographer:

Tris Beezley grew up in Wilmot, Indiana, the smallest town in the world. She worked with an old guy named Dutch who taught her to see all things beautiful by painting, drawing, hand-lettering, sculpting and most importantly, conducting practical jokes. Since then, she has been an art director for the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida where she rendered two-story tall comic strip panels onto the buildings. She also works as a scenic and graphic artist for film and television. All along the way, she photographs everything. Keep an eye out for her soon-to-be published photography book series: "On the Surface".

“On the Surface” will explore new and familiar locations up close and personal. These books may be used as a reference series for artists and designers, but will also allow us mere mortals to view the world around us in a new and intimate way.

Several of Tris's signed prints are available for purchase.